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Ensuring Each Experience at Basis Bay Group is as Good as It Can Be

I have been working in this company for more than 5 years. There are many things I have explored especially in Data Centre Services. Started my career as a Service Desk Analyst and after 3 years, I got the opportunity and trust from management to lead the team. I also became involved in MIS support as well.

I am glad to be able to work here because the company gives me a chance to improve my career and I am looking forward to jump to the next level.

The most important thing is that the company is implementing good core values with integrity among colleagues and the company itself. It is able to sustain itself and gives opportunities to staff to move up in leadership roles.

Norshidawani Binti Abdullah Service Desk Team Lead


Basis Bay is a company built on the core values of Integrity, Sustainability and Leadership. We deliver on our commitments to our stakeholders, to our staff, clients and partners.

We endeavour to deliver what we commit to. That is why we have clients who have been in business with us for over 15 years. We ensure that our approach and strategies in delivering services and solutions to our clients take into account Green and Sustainability practices, that encompass social, environmental and economic factors. We take a leadership position in our approach to our stakeholders, being thought leaders in our value propositions and deliverables. Basis Bay provides opportunities for growth and improvement either as individuals or a team. Opportunities are everywhere and the sky is the limit. The management team is well aware of our goals and mission – we strive to become a global player in our niche, providing premium solutions. And we're focused on businesses and partnerships which are strategic and sustainable.

Thomas Wong

Solution Architect


Basis Bay gives full opportunity to all employees. We do not make excuses that everyone can reach our high expectations. We believe in delivering the best and expect such from everyone.

About my immediate superior, the Group CEO, he is an excellent visionary and has the ability to strategise for the future. A person with a sense of fair play, gives everyone fair treatment irrespective of who the person is.

Anne Patrick Personal Assistant to the Group CEO


I have been with Basis Bay for 11 years. One of the biggest reasons for staying so long is that I am always learning new things.

My boss encourages me to learn new things which I didn't find at my previous companies. I took a course on being a Chargeman and enjoyed it. I think it's great that I get to keep learning on the job.

Harichandra Subramaniam Technical Assistant, Facilities Management


I have worked at Basis Bay Group for over 10 years. This is the longest work engagement in my 20-year career. Basis Bay has provided me with career exposure and growth not only in my current scope of work but also other than non- core logistics and warehouse functions. I do not have any concerns about taking on new things given by my manager. We manage our roles and responsibilities as if the company was our own.

Sankar Mahamaney @Mike

Senior Logistics Executive


The Basis Bay team is young, vibrant and passionate about all things IT. I was surrounded by smart and driven colleagues, and the strong camaraderie further made my journey at Basis Bay an enjoyable one.

The dynamics of what sets Basis Bay apart from others in the IT space is its continuous commitment to sustainability. Testament to this commitment was when I represented Basis Bay as a Judge for the Dutch Business Council's Innovation and Sustainability Awards.

This memory from my tenure as Marcomm Director is one which I still hold dearly today.

Melissa Sandhu former Marketing and Communications Director (2018 to 2019)


This is a very competitive business environment and the Associates at Basis Bay Group are equally just as resilient. What continues to surprise me is the willingness to adapt and advance onward, which is an amazing experience.

Happy to have been part of journey.

Mark Ravunni former Head of Finance (2004 to 2007)


An organisation with sustainable growth, and the passion for technology where everybody is working towards a common objective.

Farina Farid former Head of Customer Relations (2002 to 2020)


Basis Bay is a company with a lot of potential - it's a company where your dreams can come true (there isn't any barrier to your growth but yourself).

It's a company with great thought processes and vision, which provides equal opportunity, regardless of the position or age and is a company with zero politics - transparent from top to bottom.

R. Parameswary former Head of Finance (1999 to 2018)


Basis Bay core values resonates with my personal beliefs and their vision as well as mission have always stayed true over the years.

Jofri Ariff former Head of Sales (2006 to 2017)


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