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Tier 4 ready data centres with no single point of failure

Are you under pressure to reduce your IT infrastructure costs? Do you need help to bring green solutions to your technology decisions? Do your critical business applications need consistent uptime and strong security protocols in place? If you answered yes to any of the above, let's talk.


We understand data centres inside out.

Basis Bay is experienced in providing end-to-end solutions that are cost effective with minimal impact to on-going operations. Our investment in infrastructure  and research and development ensure our data centres are best-in-class. These are matched by sustained focus in security, sustainability and reliability for all aspects of the data centre. Our plans to build a further three centres over the next five years supports our expansion into new markets and our growth across Asia Pacific.

Organisations are able to choose from either a customised private suite or a shared space for their IT infrastructure needs. Our co-location services enable organisations to outsource their Production or Disaster Recovery environment with the flexibility to manage, maintain and secure the designated area. Our data centres provide high availability (track record of 99.9999...%) and the capacity to scale for future business needs. Organisations are also able to outsource basic IT functions to our in-house technical team for immediate response through our Smart Hands services. Real-time monitoring services can be tailored to an organisation's IT environment. And our SOC (Service Operation Centre) provides a single point of contact for managing issues and services.


An understanding of each organisation’s requirements enables us to advise on the suitable data centre tiers to meet financial and regulatory body requirements.  Come take a tour of our data centre facilities.

SUITES         | CO-LOCATION        |      SMART HANDS        |       MANAGED NETWORK

Explore our world-class data centre facilities


Glenmarie DC.1

Located at Glenmarie, 15 minutes from the capital and central business district. Our data centres offer suites, co-location, Smart Hands and Managed Network services.


Cyberjaya DC.1

Located at Cyberjaya, a key part of the Multimedia Super Corridor and adjacent to Putrajaya, Malaysia's seat of government. Developed to support technology companies and the government.


DC Infra 1 (Proposed)

Proposed development in NCER (Northen Corridor Economic Region), in the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia.  Proposed for 20XX.


Cyberjaya DC.2

Highly secure, eco-green premium Rated-4 data centre focused on serving mission-critical financial institutions which will be ready for service in 2024.


DC Infra I (Proposed)

Proposed development in Iskandar Malaysia, an economic region in Johor, which has been developed as a Smart City. Proposed for 20XX.


Data Centres | Build and Manage

Data Centre

Building Solutions

Providing end to end solutions for building and managing a data centre, which meet both financial and regulatory body requirements.

  • Consulting

  • Planning and design

  • Construction

Facility Innovation

& Consulting

Enabling businesses to consider how to begin the data centre journey

  • Engineering and design (architecture - mechanical, electrical and civil)

  • Computer hardware (planning and architecture)

  • Space planning



Enabling companies to outsource day to day critical data centre facility functions with a comprehensive operations and maintenance framework

  • Data centre infrastructure

  • Basis Bay's facilities

The Five Pillars of Basis Bay's Holistic Approach

Smart Procurement

This refers to making the right decisions when having to change or upgrade the IT infrastructure due to the changing business requirements. Before acquiring new equipment, options need to be considered. I

Product Lifecycle Extension

Generally, proprietary vendors discontinue maintenance services for supposed end-of-life equipment. Often, equipment may not have reached its true product life cycle. The solution leaves the client with limited options.

Green Data Centres

Mechanical and electrical designs are conceptualised using a phased-approach wherein capacity and procurement are based on demand.  Alignment between IT requirement and facilities cost ensures optimised cost and energy efficiency.

IT Infrastructure Optimisation

Deploying technologies and processes on shared IT infrastructure, such as data centre services and solutions, allow organisations to optimise infrastructure efficiently. This reduces total cost of ownership in the long run.

Green Best Practices

Adopting an internal framework on this ensures stakeholders are aligned. Collaborative partnerships can bring about improvements on both technology and business fronts.

Contact us to learn more about how Basis Bay can help to optimise your organisation’s data centre.

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