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Commercial Building at Night


Committed to our clients and the communities in which we live and work

2021 marks our 25th anniversary, a milestone we’re proud of. We are a leading provider of sustainable cloud and IT infrastructure services.


Our beginnings more than two decades ago dealing in pre-owned IT hardware eventually led to supporting businesses with disaster recovery management solutions.


We built our capabilities painstakingly in two areas: maintenance and engineering services in the pre-owned high-end equipment and then, building and managing green data centres. 


Since the early days, we have expanded and have offerings in data centres, sustainable cloud solutions and multi-platform managed maintenance engineering services.


All of these enable enterprise businesses to leverage technology to improve, grow and expand. Our suite of services and solutions support businesses not only in continuing business-as-usual operations (despite calamity or unforeseen situations) but to also thrive and prosper.




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