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  • Shikha Patnaik

Zero Tolerance Approach to Leading Clean IT

Our commitment to accountability and fairness

Basis Bay will complete 25 years in operation in 2021. Celebrating our silver anniversary is an opportunity to reflect on how far we have come, not only as a business but also within our industry.

Basis Bay Founder and Group CEO, Dato’ Praba Thiagarajah says, “It’s been an exciting and inspiring journey and while our values of integrity, sustainability and leadership remain core to our DNA, Basis Bay 2.0 will see changes in several key aspects. We are more aggressively championing the things that matter like doing business with integrity and in a sustainable manner. This is why we choose to lead Clean IT.”

Clean IT, for us, consists of four major pillars:


As one of the leaders of the data centre industry, we had the foresight, early on, to consider sustainability in everything we touched. It is an issue that has only grown in importance across industry as energy consumption rises in tandem with increased demand.

Sustainability has never been something that we patched together in response to any fad or trend. It has been core to everything we do.

It is for this reason that we pioneered Asia’s first green data centre in 2009, which has become the blueprint for other players in the region. Clean IT is simply a reaffirmation of our commitment to be kind to the environment as we continue to invest in building new, highly secure data centres.


Bribery and corruption within the tech industry have been present for years, even if it is often unspoken. This occurs not only within government agencies but also within the private sector.

Multinational companies can, at times, close an eye to the ‘ecosystem’, as it’s often called. Sometimes, it is sanctioned. At other times, it is seen as the cost of doing business in developing countries.

Despite what we have seen and what we know about these practices, we have kept our nose clean and taken the road less travelled by. With clean IT, we reaffirm our commitment to integrity.


All organisations deserve to do business with government agencies in the region without fear of favour or discrimination. Perhaps especially so in our own backyard.

With the pace of change that affects everything in business, we simply cannot allow our nation to be left behind due to inefficiencies and wrongdoing.

On our part, we hold strong to our equal opportunity and anti-discrimination policy.

We are committed to a diverse workforce. This policy means a workplace that is free from discrimination and harrassment, where job requirements are focused on merit and where there is respect for diversity and inclusion. We encourage minority groups to join our organisation.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Basis Bay, we have always believed in giving back to the community.

Over the last 25 years, we have consistently provided aid and support to members of marginalised communities and groups. This has included the indigenous peoples of Malaysia.

Moving forward, we will amp up our dedication to uplifting marginalized communities through continued ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) strategies.

How we have incorporated clean IT in our plans and service delivery

Clean IT represents an upgrade and an expansion of the sustainable IT or green IT concepts we have been advocating for.

We embraced green IT since the start as our products and services are all green. But our decision to champion clean IT (a term we coined) to a more global audience is long overdue.

What does it entail?

  • Zero tolerance for any form of bribery, directly or indirectly

  • We do not offer gifts or hospitality which could be regarded as improper, which would violate the recipient’s policies or which could be construed as favouritism, discrimination or collusion

  • We do not offer gifts or hospitality to any public employee or government official or representative

  • Never engaging in any form of corrupt business practice, whether for the benefit of Basis Bay or other party

  • We provide ongoing training, communication and engagement on these issues for all employees and as part the induction process for new employees

  • Our policy is regularly reviewed to consider suitability, adequacy and effectiveness. Where improvements are needed, these are implemented as soon as possible

  • Internal controls and procedures are subject to regular audits to detect misconduct, monitor compliance and provide assurance that these are effective in countering bribery and corruption.

Together, let's put a stop to corruption.

A sustainability advocate, Shikha Patnaik brings over nine years of experience in marketing and account management within the higher education sector. Currently the Marketing and Communications Lead at Basis Bay, she leads all marketing and customer success efforts. As the brand guardian, she brings her experience in the education sector to bear, providing cross-functional support to the sales team. Shikha graduated from the KIIT School of Management with an MBA (Marketing Management, Human Resource Management) and a BBA (Marketing Management, Human Resource Management) from the ASBM Institute of BBA.


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