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Our commitments

We are committed to promoting and driving sustainability. Sustainability and our green theme were not inserted into our strategic plans midway in response to passing trends. Basis Bay has consistently looked at all business growth and opportunities through the lens of sustainability in order to keep driving innovation, manage risk and reduce cost.


Our approach to sustainable IT:

  • Green data centres

  • Technology lifecycle management

  • IT infrastructure optimisation

  • Smart procurement

  • Green IT best practices


Expanding on our long-standing advocacy for sustainable IT, Clean IT is a phrase that we have coined. The Basis Bay Clean IT campaign contains four major aspects:

As a leader in the data centre industry, we have had the foresight to examine the need for sustainability in an industry which is consuming more and more energy every year as demand grows. Sustainability has always been a core value for us and we pioneered Asia’s first Green Data Centre in 2009, which became the blueprint for other players in the region. Clean IT is a continuation of our commitment to be kind to the environment as we build new data centres.


Often unspoken, bribery and corruption in the IT industry have been around for years. It has been pervasive not only within government agencies but ironically, within the private sector. Multinational technology companies are often culprits too, as most close one eye to the ‘ecosystem’, as it is often called. Some still sanction these practices believing it to be the cost of doing business in developing countries. As an old guard, there is much we have seen and are aware of in doing business not only in Malaysia but the region. Basis Bay has kept its nose clean and taken the road less travelled. Through Clean IT, we reaffirm our commitment to integrity.

It is time for organisations like us to be able to do business with government agencies in the region without corruption or fear of discrimination, especially in our own backyard. Technology is moving swiftly and nations cannot be left behind due to inefficiencies. At Basis Bay, we commit to anti-discriminatory practices across the board including in hiring, promotion, employee engagement, client acquisition, etc.


Corporate Social Responsibility
At Basis Bay, we firmly believe in giving back to the community and this is reflected in our 25-year history of providing aid and support to members of marginalised communities, including the indigenous peoples of Malaysia. Basis Bay 2.0 remains dedicated to uplifting marginalised communities through continued ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) strategies and programmes.