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As data centres are an essential service, we are proud to help keep businesses open.

COVID-19 has affected people, businesses and communities around the world. As it continues to spread and to be managed, our focus remains the health, safety and well-being of our employees, customers and partners.


We continue to monitor the outbreak closely and have put in place various measures to protect employees and customers and ensure our ability to deliver key services. Our plan ensures that any additional developments or actionable government mandates are adhered to.


Business Continuity

We are keeping in line with all mandated protocols as to social distancing, limited interaction and access restrictions. In accordance with any changes in regulations, some of our data centres have restricted access. Any service-critical customer will be permitted on site with special permissions only.


Please take note that all Basis Bay data centres are fully operational. All customers are encouraged to leverage our customer support through Smart Hands where possible.


Data centre specific guidelines

  • Consistent with mandatory government guidelines, we ask customers, contractors and anyone else who has arrived in Malaysia to self isolate on arrival.

  • Temperature checks are implemented on all persons who access our data centres. This is conducted on entry to the facility. Temperature readings that exceed the normal range will be refused entry for 14 days.

  • Where personnel experience flu-like symptoms or are aware of being exposed to someone who has tested positive in the last 14 days, they will also not be able to access our centres.

  • Our customers are encouraged to utilise our Smart Hands service where possible to limit staff performing simple tasks

  • Hand sanitisers are placed at all checkpoints and other areas throughout our facilities - usage is encouraged. 


Working with us

We are well-positioned to help organisations mitigate IT and infrastructure risks. We have a team of qualified engineers and technicians ready and able to provide assistance in these areas:

  • Increasing any cloud services you need - these can be controlled, customised and managed either on or off- premise

  • Adding to the number of applications that are remotely managed in a shared or dedicated data centre environment

  • Providing additional support for your business continuity efforts whether that requires developing, auditing, testing, maintaining as well as advisory services

  • Facilities - managing your organisation’s power plants and cooling systems

  • On-site staffing - outsource completely your data centre facilities management with our team of certified professionals

  • Reactive Services - we help you investigate and address issues from their root cause to complete resolution as well as provide remote monitoring


In line with many businesses needing distributed and remote workforces, these are some of the ways we can assist:


  • Provide additional capacity through private cloud solutions as well as a combination of private or virtual products/services

  • Address the growing or changing needs of your network or infrastructure by turning up or down on cloud services 

  • Unparalleled uptime availability which means employees are able to access the servers that host data and applications which enable them to do their job


Taking action to protect our employees and communities

  • All large events have been cancelled 

  • Meetings have been moved online completely

  • Tours of our data centres have been put on pause

  • In terms of talent acquisition efforts, job interviews are conducted online


Health and safety procedures 


i) Customers

  • Masks are to be worn at all times

  • Meetings or site visits are only available on appointment

  • Temperature checks are required

  • Hand sanitisers are placed at the security check-in and various other areas around our offices and facilities. Customers are encouraged to sanitise on site


ii) Staff

  • Cleaning of all our facilities and offices have been increased, ensuring that all high-traffic areas and surfaces are regularly sanitized.

  • Temperature checks are required for employees on site.

  • Depending on the changes brought about by the MCO and related mandated requirements, selected employees may work on site.

  • We have recommended all employees who are able to work from home do so.

  • If staff experience any cold or flu-like symptoms or are aware of being exposed to anyone else who has tested positive to COVID-19 in the last 14 days, they are not to seek access to our data centres and offices.

  • Hand sanitisers are placed at various other areas around our offices and facilities. Staff are encouraged to sanitise on site regularly.

Update on business hours

  • We continue to operate a five day week, from 9.00 AM to 5.30 PM

  • Critical face to face meetings and office/site visits are only possible on appointment.

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