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The telecommunications industry is structurally challenged. The network service providers (NSPs) have endured an exponential increase in demand for data. We have seen telecom operators move into the traditional IT space providing a range of enterprise services that go well beyond the Network Terminating Point (NTP).

Several prominent telecom providers have actively acquired IT companies to bolster their capabilities and drive growth into these new markets. However, the enterprise market has largely been a foreign space to the telecom operators. Engaging business users, understanding industrial domains and dealing with the CIO and his team is a daunting task.

Getting things into perspective 

In the realms of engineering be it switching, transmission or operational support systems, IT has become the driving force and has permeated every aspect of control and management. Yet IT as a function within the telecom organisation has remained largely peripheral.

How we can help

For over 15 years, Basis Bay has provided integration services to the telecom industry. We have helped our clients evolve their operations by:

  • consolidating systems
  • increasing the level of automation
  • simplifying the introduction of new services and technologies


We can help you reduce the number of systems and capitalize on your existing investments in order to reduce your OPEX and boost your business. We ensure you have an agile environment to stay relevant in this technology-driven era. 


Our Solutions


Data Centre Solutions

We provide a full-service continuum from hosting or co-location of production and disaster recovery of IT assets to offering a complete data centre design, build and operate package. We offer converged facility management and IT managed services ensuring service availability and responsiveness.

Technology Lifecycle Management

We maintain a technology architecture framework for financial services that provides seamless integration between old legacy systems and new cloud-based architectures. We support a wide spectrum of Wintel, UNIX, IBM (AIX, AS400) and a host of other platforms.

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