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Technical Support & Services


Basis Bay independently delivers comprehensive maintenance and engineering services for multi-platform enterprise hardware such as IBM zO/S, IBM iO/S, UNIX (IBM aix, Oracle Solaris, HP-UX), Linux and Wintel.


With a presence in more than 50 locations across 20 countries, our technical team and partners provide IT Service Management (ITSM) support for end user devices such as desktops, laptops and printers among others.

Our large inventory of enterprise equipment and parts, coupled with our global outsourcing capabilities enable us to support the requirement for placement of critical parts and provide on-site spare parts. Organisations can subscribe to an annual maintenance contract or per-call basis with 24x7  help desk support. With our in-house, certified engineers and worldwide resource network for hardware parts, we are able to help organisations extend the lifecycle of their proprietary/legacy systems to lower the total cost of ownership.

One-stop maintenance solution for multi-platform enterprise hardware and systems

A single point of contact for you across different technologies

Consolidated problem, incident and asset management system

Operational alignment with a single SLA (Service Level Agreement)

Integrated and continuous system monitoring

Comprehensive parts coverage and global on-site services support

Key drivers for third party maintenance

Extended life of equipment

  • extension of maintenance for out of warranty equipment

  • able to retain and extend the life of legacy software infrastructure

  • continued service and maintenance even after equipment EOS (end of support or service).

Multi vendor support

  • support for multiple manufacturers in a single contract

  • consolidated service

  • increase efficiency

  • reduce the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors.

Customised service agreements

  • tailor-made maintenance package to suite your organisational needs

  • eliminates unnecessary services which provides the best match to your requirements

  • customised solutions which align all agreements to a common contract.

Why choose us?

Optimise your ROI: using proprietary tools, we provide tailored maintenance recommendations to extend your equipment's life cycle and condition


Simplify support strategy. With just one price and one contract, our solution can ease administrative and budgetary challenges related to your multivendor environment. Reduce impact of outages. Our support services can help you lower the number, duration and criticality of outages to better meet service level agreements.

Core offerings

Enterprise Hardware / Maintenance

Servers: IBM, Oracle / SUN, HPE, other x86-based equipment

Storage: EMC, HDS, NetApps, IBM, HPE, Oracle / Sun

Network & Security: Cisco, Juniper, Avaya

Backup Devices: IBM, HPE etc

Services: remedial maintenance, preventive maintenace, comprehensive parts coverage, on-site support, IMACD: install * move* adds * change* decommission * secure disposal


Servers: Oracle, MySQL, SQL, DB2

Services: patch managementl capacity management, performance management, security management, health checks

Platforms supported

  • Sun Oracle

  • HP

  • IBM

  • EMC

  • Dell

  • NetApp

  • Cisco

  • Lenovo

End User Computing

Devices: Laptops, Desktops, Printers

Services: Remedial maintenance, Onsite Support, IMACD: install * move * adds * change * decommission * secure disposal

IT Asset Relocation Services

Assist on the movement of hardware to various location sites

Decommission & commissioning of hardware

Provide swing kits & dedicated spare parts / systems and on-site for critical systems, if needed.

Platforms - Enterprise Systems

  • Server & Storage

  • Networking

  • Backup Devices

Operating System

Systems: x/OS, OS400, AIX, HP-UX, Open VMS, Solaris, Linux, Windows, LPAR

Services: Recommendations of OS licences and patches * installations * upgrades

Operating System

Services: Configuration management, change management, incident management, problem management & service desk.

Service Desk: 24x7, English, Malay


Customised Process & Tool deployment

Platforms - End User Computing

  • Desktop & Laptop

  • Printers

  • Smart Devices

Support structure

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