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Managing Complexity

IT architectures need to cope with rapid change and continuous transformation. Yet patterns of architecture within the financial services industry have largely remained unchanged over the last 20 years.

This has led to a sprawl of systems that occupy the Data Centre, making the task of IT management more difficult by increasing both complexity and operational costs.

New financial products may, for example, reside on private cloud infrastructures and be integrated with several federated public cloud offerings and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers. Traditional core banking solutions running on legacy mainframes may get pushed out behaving as edge-of-enterprise applications requiring more flexibility and integration.

How we can help

We are the premium service provider to Financial Services clients across Asia Pacific and a number of global locations. For well over a decade, banks and insurance companies have hosted their transactional systems in our data centres, supported by a comprehensive portfolio of managed IT services.

We remove the constraints of legacy IT infrastructure by allowing our clients to transform their core systems aligned with business needs and market opportunities. We avoid the complexities of big-bang deployments by design, building to architectures that are iterative and scalable with business growth.


Our Solutions

Data Centre Solutions:

We provide a full-service continuum from hosting or co-location of production and disaster recovery of IT assets to offering a complete Data Centre design, build and operate package. We offer converged facility management and IT managed services ensuring service availability and responsiveness.

IT Continuity Management:

Keeping mission-critical activities operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This involves building robustness into every aspect of the operation, including people, process and technology.

Technology Lifecycle Management:

We maintain a technology architecture framework for financial services that provides seamless integration between old legacy systems and new cloud-based architectures. We support a wide spectrum of Wintel, UNIX, IBM (AIX, AS400) and a host of other platforms.

Enterprise Architecture:

We have developed reference architectures based on the principles of business-IT alignment, value for money, security and ease of use.

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