Data Centre Building Solutions

Establishing a team of in-house experts to build a data centre from the ground up can be a monumental task. IT professionals are often in a dilemma when it comes to engaging the right personnel/contractors/vendors to build and manage a data centre build and operations.

Basis Bay is experienced in providing end-to-end solutions that are cost effective with minimal impact to on-going operations. An understanding of each organisation’s requirements enables Basis Bay to advise on the suitable data centre tiers to meet financial and regulatory body requirements.


Facility Management

Optimal data centre management is highly complex as it requires a dedicated, and highly skilled facility management team. Basis Bay provides organisations with the option to outsource day-to-day critical data centre facility functions with a comprehensive operation and maintenance framework. An integrated approach to data centre management will provide organisations with efficiency, cost reduction and operational excellence.

Basis Bay has a team of qualified technicians and engineers ready to support organisations in the following areas:

  • Facilities Maintenance - Mobile or on-site technicians to maintain an organisation’s power plants and cooling systems

  • On-site Staffing - Complete outsourcing of data centre facilities management with an on-site team of certified professionals

  • Reactive Services - Remote monitoring and incident response from root cause to full resolution

  • Green Works - Using Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) tools, Basis Bay can optimise the energy efficiency of an organisation’s data centre while effectively managing costs.

The Five Pillars of Basis Bay's Holistic Approach*

1. Smart procurement
This refers to making the right decisions when having to change or upgrade the IT infrastructure due to the changing business requirements. Before acquiring new equipment, options need to be considered. In many cases, pre-owned equipment would be the ideal solution and needs to be given due consideration. New equipment should be considered if usage of existing equipment has been optimised.

2. Extending the product life-cycle
Generally, proprietary vendors will discontinue maintenance services for supposed end-of-life equipment and very often, this equipment has not reached its true product life cycle. The solution leaves the client with limited options to receive continuous technical support from proprietary vendors, thus having to procure new equipment.

3. Green data centres
The mechanical and electrical designs are conceptualised using a phased-approach method where the capacity and procurement of equipment are based on demand. Some of the key elements of a green data centre include adopting green best practices that align with industry standards and with sustainability. It is important to ensure business alignment between IT requirement and facilities cost in order to optimise cost and energy efficiency.


4. IT infrastructure optimisation

Deploying technologies and processes on shared IT infrastructure, such as data centre services and solutions, will allow organisations to optimise infrastructure efficiently. Cloud computing, virtualisation and consolidation of IT infrastructure will streamline the utilisation of resources which, in turn, reduces total cost of ownership in the long run.

5 .Green best practices
Organisations are advised to adopt an internal framework on green best practics to ensure stakeholders such as employees, clients, vendors and partners are able to benefit as a result of sustainability. Only through collaborative partnerships will a business environment experience an improvement, not only on the technology front but also in other strategic business functions.

*The five pillars were outlined in The Edge Malaysia netv@lue2.0 article, Basis Bay to leverage its green history. Written by Karamjit Singh and published in January 2012.


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